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Professionally engaged in real estate, which, thanks to all new construction technologies, is being built up faster and faster with larger scale, I very often see how much damage to nature is caused by both construction and exploitation.


It is scientifically proven that the  biggest environmental problem - global warming - is 55% caused by construction and exploitation of real estate.

I firmly believe that it is unreasonable to create real estate that will undermine people's health. The REAL ESTATE, AS WELL AS  THE LIFE OF PEOPLE, SHOULD BE SUSTAINABLE! It is  healthy and harmoniously coexistence  of humankind and nature.


It is important to remember that nature has tremendous potential for self-regulation and self-recovery. If the society proves unable to co-exist with nature, the restoration of equilibrium will occur by excluding it from the system. In other words, too much pressure exerted by man on nature can cause and exacerbate not only weather disasters, but also affect economic processes. Therefore, making the real estate industry more sustainable,  turn it into eco-development,  is not only a social-oriented task, but also an economic one.



  "ECO-DEVELOPMENT" is intellectual, mental, cultural education of people, that develope  their ecological knowledge, skills  and needs.
In practice Eco-Development is a creation of real estate objects, following sustainability principles using
  progressive eco-materials and technologies.

"ECO-DEVELOPMENT" is the first of two most important tasks within the framework of the "ECOVITA" paradigm, which I follow in my professional activities and  my personal life. "ECOVITA" is  definition  aand foundation for "green life":  People's Health, Synergy and Harmony of Man and Nature.

With respect to the professional environment, this is a supersystem, a super task, the realization of which is closely related to the solution of two subtasks - "ECO-DEVELOPMENT" and "ECOESTATE". These two tasks are directly in the area of​​ our control, as professionals in the real estate area.

"ECOESTATE" is a property created according to the rules of Eco-Development and in the exploitation period  of which ecological principles, norms, technologies are fulfilled.

Later, this paradigm was transformed into the formula "EcoSanaClub". All real estate must be ECO-environmentally friendly and ECOnomic, provide health and be a base for communities of friends (like-minded people).

We invite you to work

In 2018, the rating of the eco-hotel "BAMBOO KHUTOR" by Booking  has reached  9.3 !   

However, for further upward movement

For the summer season 2019 (and more) we are looking for a married couple, who will be caring owners of the hotel and guests

For quality work 60t.r./month + bonuses + accommodation in Sochi

The list of required skills and characteristics is specified in the Candidate Questionnaire,  which you want to copy (to Word, Excel or the body of the letter),  fill out and send to

Sphere of action

  • Founder and permanent head of the Innovation center of Ecovelopment  "ECOESTATE" (2008). A  brand new  for  the oldest group of estate companies in the St. Petersburg  Innovation Association “ROST”, established in 1990. 

The company is  experienced developer of eco-concepts  and the organizer of its implementation process in order to maximize the scale and to efficiently promote the improving of environmental friendliness of the habitat that people use and create for life, work, leisure and other purposes.

The mission of "ECOESTATE" is a large-scale and effective assistance in improving the ecological compatibility of real estate, which people create and use for living, business, leisure and other purposes. We strive to fulfill the role of the Innovative System Integrator in the realm of real estate ecology in all regions of our presence. To this end, we develop, accumulate, adapt for local conditions and introduce green building technologies, take the initiative to be responsible for shaping the rules of the game in this new market, ensuring an effective exchange of experience between its participants, their training and the fulfillment of a number of other tasks. Projects on eco-tuning of individual residential real estate, creation, development and management of recreational tourist sites, creation of eco-settlements, sustainable development of the metropolitan area, creation and promotion of Internet resources in the field of sustainable development, etc. are being implemented.

  • Member of the RuGBC Council (Green Building Council of Russia) and Authorized Representative of RuGBC in Sochi and the Krasnodar Area


  • Author of the concept and the owner of "The First in the Ecotel Sochi "BAMBOO Khutor"

“Author's and about the author” publications

More than a hundred different interviews and publications of the author and about the author in city, regional and federal editions including leading business-editions "Business Petersburg", magazine "Top-manager" (No. 7-8, 2004, No. 7-8 , 2005, No. 2, No. 3, No. 4, 2006), participation in profile broadcasts and telecasts etc. Personal information and data about the company since 1997 is published in such directories as “Who is who in business Saint-Petersburg”, “Who is who in international real estate”, appearances on different Russian and international conferences etc.

Participation in Conferences, Exhibitions and other Significant Events

International forums of "Business week" magazine 1996, 1998;  the largest international exhibition of real estate and investments in Cannes - MIPIM 1999, 2000, 2002, 2006; NAR USA Congress 1997, 1999, 2000; world-wide federation of real estate experts - FIABCI 2004; association of experts on real estate of Eastern and Central Europe countries - CEREAN 2004; congresses of Russian Guild of realtors 1994-2005, Guild of managers and developers of commercial and industrial real estate 2003-2005, Petersburg economic forum 2005-2006, Kuban international economic forum, Investment forum Russia-China and others.

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