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Fill life with meaning and perspective!

EcoSanaClub meetings


We note with regret that many people spend their free time destroying their health and nature.

Our family strives to bring an alternative format to the masses by its example. As true adherents of a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle, we try to  meet  with friends and relatives for health benefits.

For example, for the anniversary, we have been refusing large feasts for several years in favor of joint tree plantings.  

The project we want  show  alternative way to spend leisure time. Together we learn to combine business with pleasure:  rest, improve health, enrich themselves professionally and preserve the environment for future generations.

ECOESTATE, estate-sharing


Estate sharing is our experience of sharing an apartment and  at home with other people.

For several years the office  Ecoesate is served by our  apartment in Pushkin.

thinking through  organization of space, we found solutions for renting out our housing  during vacation or absence to other people.

With this project, we want to draw attention to the impact real estate has on global   environmental problems, climate change. And show a step towards a solution that  for every family.

EcoZarnitsa  for schoolchildren

The patriotic spirit of the people  born  brought up in the USSR  Zarnitsakh.  We, both boys and girls, were taught the basics of military training in team competitions .

In the era of global environmental catastrophes,  The most important thing we can do for the Fatherland is to instill in our children the aspirations and skills to preserve the unique nature of our country, our habitat.

We revive the Zarnitz tradition by adding  prefix Eco (Greek house).

Video of our first EcoLightning Lightning for our eldest son's class.

EcoZarnitsa - an eco-learning tool - fresh air, sports, team spirit and useful skills in a game format.


екатерининский парк.jpg

We strive to develop the city of Pushkin in such a way that it becomes a pioneer and a model of sustainable development for other cities in Russia.

The project is the implementation of the EcoSanaClub formula on a city scale.

We organized the Pushkin Council for Sustainable Prosperous Development,  we hold working meetings with activists, annual scientific and practical conferences.


The aim of the project is to create a comfortable urban environment that will improve people's health and preserve the historical, cultural and natural heritage of the city.

Ecohotel Bamboo Hutor


We built an eco-hotel on the family plot where Valery grew up.

After long  years without inhabitants, the site resembled  jungle.

The main thing for us was to preserve the unique nature of the site. There are already too many examples in Sochi when flora  destroy and  territory  roll up  into concrete.


We wanted to show our approach to green building by our example. We were pleased to receive a high rating from the Russian  Green Building Council RuGbC, which recognized  Bamboo Khutor is the first unique eco-hotel in the city of Sochi. It is with great pleasure that we receive  reviews from guests that created  "an oasis in the stone jungle".

By developing the hotel, we strive to make it a center of eco-education and sustainable development.

We strive to help people develop the skills and habits necessary for sustainable development, the survival of the human species on Earth.

The logic of the development of life on our planet, first of all, the life of people, suggests the following main meanings:


            1 - live as long as possible, active, healthy, prosperous life

            2 - protect and positively develop nature - your habitat

            3 - be friends, cooperate, not be at enmity, and even more so not to fight (especially in the era of weapons                     mass destruction).

In everyday worries, a person constantly deviates from the installations that are important for himself.

Often, we act in the opposite direction: we destroy our habitat, ruin our health and spoil our relationships with close and distant relatives of the biological species Homo Sapiens.

Formula  Eco Sana Club  This  our family's compass navigator, a kind of three-axis  coordinates to help define and maintain  course towards sustainable development.

We brought it out to simplify  remembering the main components of a long, prosperous and useful life for the environment. Working on the formula, we tried to make it understandable to speakers of different languages.

Eco Sana Club  like a russian  troika -  " Ecology - Health - Association for cooperation ".



Our experience suggests that for a comfortable and long life, a person needs a balance in these three areas.

In almost all activities and at all levels, personal, family, business, social work (which, perhaps, makes up the majority of our life), we direct  their efforts on the environment, people's health and the formation of favorable positive communication and interaction.

The most global  Information portal EcoSanaClub , designed for everyone who influences the development of cities. It will be useful for government, business, public activists and ordinary citizens who think that they cannot influence the quality of their environment or do not think about it at all.

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