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We study, work and relax for the benefit of the environment, health and peace.


The father of the family and the center of meanings

As a responsible person and a leader with experience, Valery always thinks  what and why he does.

From a young age  yo he sees  the purpose of their activities is for the benefit of society.

In his student years, he organized the Council of Mentors of the Shipbuilding Institute to help freshmen, after graduating the Council of Young Scientists to develop creative potential  youth.

In his professional activities, he also always sought to contribute  bringing people together to achieve the best results.  

Valery considers health and development to be the main thing in a person's life.

From professional experience, I am sure that for sustainable development, the most important thing is a person and his habits.

It is possible to build advanced systems and waste recycling plants by spending resources on this and continuing to spend them in the future. And you can educate people, change their consumption habits: return to the recent past to a minimum of packaging, shopping bags, collection of waste paper and milk in cans. It will take more time, but in the end, many of the resources of our planet will be preserved. There is nothing more effective than a paradigm shift!

Now Valery is fully committed to social projects and promoting the development formula  EcoSanaClub .


The real heart of the Vakulenko family

A master with experience in organizing family life for the benefit of everyone's health and with care for the environment.

Specialist in healthy nutrition, medicine and mental health. It will be able to feed any fussy eater tasty and healthy. For good health, he will do exercises in the Qigong style in the morning, gather everyone on a trip to the lake in the afternoon, and turn off the Internet in the evening for sound sleep, not agreeing to any persuasion.

Nina herself developed the landscape design of the family's summer cottage in Imatra. Understands how to choose a seedling and plant it correctly. This year, I was able not only to organize the anniversary events of the family “A tree is the best gift”, but also to make sure that the planted trees will take root.

Knows the names and healing properties of many herbs. Thanks to the efforts of Nina, more than 150 species of various plants grow on the site of the eco-hotel Bambuk-Khutor, and there is a pharmacy garden with medicinal herbs on the roof. This season, avocado has become a new inhabitant of Sochi! Thanks to Nina's sensitive care, he grew from a bone on the windowsill of a house in Pushkin.

Max, 17 years old

Born leader and team player

Regularly involves the family in active games: her favorite is doggy ball with Darcy.

He spends most of his time cycling in the summer. At the age of 12, he participated on an equal footing with adults in mountain biking competitions and took second place.


Plays basketball and tennis. With friends he will be able to swim across Lake Saimaa when the inflatable boat can no longer.

Will be able to get ready for a hike in 1 minute and at the same time take everything you need to survive. Knows how to set up a campground and spend the night on an island with three friends, a fishing rod, matches and a mug.

Head of the family for technical issues.


Anton, 14 years old

Brings the theme of caring for the environment and people to the masses through art. He dedicated his victory in the Voice of Russia competition to his father, an environmentalist, performing John Lennon's Imagine song about friendship between people at a gala concert.

Antosha will surprise you by performing the main songs of various peoples in 17 languages: Japan, China, Belarus, the European Union, Finland, Ukraine, Germany, Great Britain, Sweden, Kazakhstan and others.

At the age of 10, he learned and performed the anthems of different countries for the World Festival of Youth and Students. The boy believes that knowing the main songs of different nations will help us understand, trust and be friends with each other, and not be at enmity.

Anton sings not for fame, but for the soul. He often accompanies everyday difficulties with musical impromptu to the delight of others.

Antosha is already a generalist: he will teach you from how to behave during a terrorist attack to herbal treatment. In a relaxed manner, at lunch or dinner, Antosha will tell you something new in a couple of minutes with a degree of elaboration of the question that is surprising for a boy of his age.

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