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Vakulenko Club

Club of eco-friendly, healthy life of the Vakulenko Family and their friends:

learn, work and rest, benefit  the environment, our health and the world.

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Family head and guru of Ecovelopment

As a leader and responsible person, Valery was always thinking what he was doing and why. He saw the meaning of his activities in producing values for society.

From the university years Valery was caring for other people. He formed a Mentoring Club where senior students was helping freshmen to cope with the study load and difficulties of independent life.  Experienced young people shared their knowledge and helped newcomers to stay in the university.

The professional career, started in late 80s during Perestroika period in Soviet Union.  Non-state business started to develop in the country where everything was state-owned.

Valery is one of the founding father of Centers for Scientific and Technical Creativity of the Youth. These Centers were the first prototypes of non-state business. In a team of five people they developed the regulations and standards by which the Centers worked all over the country.

In 90s Valery founded Innovation Center ROST, where continued making new economy clear and useful for ordinary people. They published manuals for people about effective usage of the new opportunities: "How to create a new type of firm and organize its' effective work", "How to become a homeowner with maximum benefit".

Step by step Valery and his company turned into real estate area with specialization in realty for health and development. Valery focused on ecovelopment or sustainable development closer to his 50s anniversary.

Valery sees health and development as a fundamental aspect of human life.

Valery firmly believes that the core of stable prosperous development is human and his habits. You can build advanced systems and processing plants for our garbage. But this development will cost you natural resources. By building a plant you won't stop wasting.

alternatively you can educate people and change their consumption habits. If people return to the recent past habits of minimum packaging, string bags, recycling of waste paper and buying milk in own cans it will tackle the waste problem in the core. Nurture of sustainable habits will take more time, but in the end, many resources of our planet will be saved. There is nothing more effective than a shift of the human paradigm!

These days Valery is fully committed to social projects and promotion of  the development approach  EcoSanaClub .


The heart of Vakulenko family

She has a talent for organizing family life in a healthy and eco-friendly way.

Owning to Nina the family have a delicious and balanced healthy diet. She knows how to keep family members' state of health and prevent illnesses.

Her special skill is to care for life-work balance and mental health of households and colleagues. Nina can guide you through chi kung in the morning to help your body awake and feel good during the day. She manages to  gather hard-working people to go to the lake during daytime break. While taking care of you good night sleep, Nina is even capable of turning off wi-fi to prevent late overworking.

She is skilled in landscape design and developed their country house site design on her own. Nina knows how to choose seedlings and plant it. This year she was able to not only organize the anniversary activities of the family "Tree is the best gift", but also make sure that the planted trees take root.

Nina knows the names and medicinal features of many herbs. Thanks to her efforts, more than 150 species of various plants grows at family eco-hotel Bamboo-Khutor. There is even a pharmacy garden with medicinal herbs on the roof. This season there is a new inhabitant in Sochi - avocado! Thanks to Nina's sensitive care, it had grown from a bone on the windowsill in Pushkin.

max,  fourteen  years

Natural leader and team player, he usually involves the whole family in outdoor games. Family's favorite is doggyball with Darcy.

Most of summer, if not in the lake, he is on the bike. Being only 13 Max won the second price in mountain bike competition, competing on equal footing with adults.

Max has strength to swim Saimaa with friends, when rubber boat suddenly is out of order.

As all teenagers he is fond of computer games, but Max have it in balance with many more activities. He loves active sports, especially basketball, plays volleyball and tennis.

Max can prepare to camping trip in one minute with taking all necessities for survival. He knows how to camp out and spend a night on island with three friends, fishing rod, matches, and a mug.

He is first in the family when it comes to questions of technical support.

Antosha, 11  years

Boy's way of promoting sustainability is his talent for music. The victory in the Voice of Russia contest he dedicated to his father ecologist. He chose to perform Imagine by John Lennon about friendship between people at the gala concert.

Anton might surprise you by singing the main songs of various nationalities in 17 languages : Japan, China, Belarus, the European Union, Finland, Ukraine, Germany, Great Britain, Sweden, Kazakhstan and thats not the limit. He learned national anthems for the international festival of youth. boy  believes that familiarity with different national anthems will help people to understand, trust and be friends with each other, rather than be at enmity.

Antosha sings not for the glory, but for the soul. He often meets life difficulties with a self-made song to the joy of others.

The youngest son is already a broad-minded specialist: he can tell how to behave during terror act or about healing with herbs. He might explain you some hard topic in a couple of minutes during breakfast or dinner. Anton keeps his small lectures so comprehensive and easy to understand, that many docents might envy.

Darcy, the dog

Family member with the Royal blood!

As a shepherd dog collects and preserves his family safe and sound.

The main motivator for a healthy lifestyle and regular walks in the fresh air twice a day!

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