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Валерий Вакуленко

Founder and permanent head of the company "ECOESTATE" - a new brand, under which since 2008. operates the oldest group of companies in the St. Petersburg real estate market ROST (GK ROST was established in 1990). The new name fully reflects the chosen vector for the subsequent development and concentration of the company's efforts - Eco-Development. Eco-Development is still a new direction for Russia, which is based on the principles of reasonable use of available resources (economical), care for the environment and healthy life at all stages of creation (selection of the best property, determination of the best use of the object, concept development, financing, selection of the best partners and contractors, pre-project and design studies,  organization of construction, equipping and finishing, sale / leasing of built) and management (up to liquidation) of real estate.

The company's competence includes: residential and commercial real estate, land plots, investment and development projects, unique objects - historical and architectural monuments, large projects in the field of tourism, leisure, etc.

Extensive experience and extensive contacts with foreign investors, developers, colleagues allow us to provide services at a high professional level in the implementation of development projects and commercial real estate in the most attractive regions for investment: in Russia (St. Petersburg, Tsarskoye Selo, SOCHI) and abroad - in Finland and other countries.


“ECO-DEVELOPMENT” – literally translated “ecological development”. In a broad sense, “ECO-DEVELOPMENT” is an intellectual, mental, cultural, etc. DEVELOPMENT of the people themselves, which forms their ecological knowledge, skills, abilities and needs.
In a narrower applied sense, Eco-Development is an activity for the creation of real estate objects, in which environmental principles are observed, progressive eco-materials and technologies are applied.

     “ECO-DEVELOPMENT” is the first of the two most important tasks within the framework of the “ECOVITA” paradigm, which  I am guided in my professional activities, my own and that of the company. ECOVITA -  it is, by its definition, "ecological life", Health of people, Synergy and Harmony of Man and Nature. As applied to the professional environment, it is a super-system, a super-task, the implementation of which is most closely related to the solution of two sub-tasks - “ECO-DEVELOPMENT” and “ECOESTATE”. These two tasks are directly under our control as real estate professionals.

      “ECOESTATE” is a real estate created according to the rules of Eco-Development and during the operation of which environmental principles, standards, technologies, etc. are observed.

Subsequently, this paradigm was transformed into the EcoSanaClub formula. All properties must be ECO-friendly and ECO-friendly, provide health and be a base for communities of friends (like-minded people).

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