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Eco Farm

The Black Sea coast of Sochi in 20-30 minutes, the foothills (400m), the nature of the National Park, ecology.

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    A piece of land, a quarter of a hectare, with an old house,

        in the Kudepstinsky rural district of Sochi.

   Rural setting, silence, clean healing mountain air

and, at the same time, 20-40 minutes drive to all the benefits of civilization: schools, universities, beaches, train stations, airports, hospitals, theaters, hotels, restaurants...


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   Purpose of the object:  ecological gardening, horticulture,   poultry farming, small livestock farming, collection and   procurement of gifts of nature, including medicinal ones.        And also for the reception and accommodation of eco-tourists, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and environmental education.

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 The site is located on a sunny slope, has a slope of about 15 degrees. In addition to the house, there are outbuildings and places, including a terraced podium, under tents and a fire pit for pleasant evening gatherings with family, friends and associates.


 A magnificent mountain panorama opens from the site towards the Black Sea.


Perhaps in the future, by joint efforts, we will do something similar on the site ...

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