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Vakulenko Club

Club of eco-friendly, healthy life of the Vakulenko Family and their friends:

learn, work and rest, benifiting the environment, our health and the world.

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Currently we are developing our website. We are prepering much more interesting for you. Come back to see our updates!

The Vakulenko family honors and respects their ancestors.

Studying the history of our parents, grandparents, relatives, we noticed that the way our parents lived prevented many for ecological problems we are facing in 21st century.

Not for nothing they say everything new - it's a well-forgotten old.

We are sure that the history of the family must be preserved for future generations. It will serve as a solid foundation for pasting values and skills to our children that will contribute to our survival.

We are preperiting materials for publication. Please come back to find out about our roots later!

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